Discover the diversity of Shawnee State Forest-

    Join us in the hills of Shawnee in May where you will find an amazing array of Appalachian flora.  No need to  travel to the
    Smokies, when southern Ohio's "Little Smokies"  is filled with fascinating flora.  Orchids, Pinxter-flower azaleas, and
    Umbrella Magnolias are a few of the wonders found in this locale.

    Our experienced guides will help you discover the spectacular diversity of flora and fauna in these enchanted hills.  Spring
    warblers, the canaries of northern forests,  bedeck the forest canopy and fill the air with song.  Scores of butterflies,
    attracted by the profusion of flowering plants, mist the roadsides.

    Some of the rarest plants in Ohio occur in Shawnee, such as Blackjack Oak, Umbrella Magnolia, and Fringe-tree.  There are
    many others; at least 35 endangered and threatened plants are here, and a number of them are found nowhere else  on this
    side of the Ohio River.  To experience Shawnee in May is to witness Ohio's premier botanical spectacle.   Come to the hills of
    Shawnee for a botanical experience you will remember for a lifetime.

Shawnee Park and Forest: