Please come back in January 2015!

This year's "Quest" is streamlined and simplified.  

Everyone will experience several guides and all four
habitat locations. Yes, we have eliminated night trips,
speakers and banquets in lieu of a workshop format, but
there are plenty of great places to see on your own.

2 days, 2 luncheons with workshop speakers
(and an optional free Sunday night "WELCOME.")

Registration form
click on link, print and mail by US mail

Only 60 seats for this event, our all-inclusive
field trips, educational speakers and 2 lunches,
-with limited spaces- it will book QUICKLY.  

Everything is nearby! Our field trips are designed to give
you personal attention from our guides and speakers.  
Each trip is limited in size for the optimal in-field
educational experience;  Flora-Quest the vacation with
value.  Come see the see the rarest plants in Ohio, with
the most knowledgeable botanists and local leaders.
May 12-13, 2014

Housing for Flora-quest Workshop 2014

Lakeside Fountain Inn: 1-866-952-5374 ext. 230
              or  1-419-798-4461

The Lighthouse Resort: 1-877-426-8439               

For a map and housing information
go to "the lodge" page.
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