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Iris,  photo by IanAdams
Sept. 30, 2016                                           Updated 3-25-16
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We are investing in conservation education.

We see this Flora-Fellowship as an exciting opportunity to engage college students
and to help them prepare for future careers in environmental education, or land
trust and conservation work.  We accept the challenge to mentor bright young
minds and to connect them with the best people to inspire them and encourage
their professional growth.  
This is a primary mission of Flora-Quest.

"In the end we will conserve only what we love,
we will love only what we understand and we will understand only
what we are taught."
               Baba Dioum
2013 Flora-Fellowship recipients:
Carmen DeLeon, Mike Belt-Wang and Matt Herron

In 2011 a new addition to our program was the
"Flora-Quest Fellows."  
Flora-Quest Fellowships include:
* Free participation in Quests and programs
* Most meals
* Volunteer opportunities
* Free housing (group cabin)

Flora-Fellows must provide their own:
*Transportation to and from Lakeside
*Thursday Evening meal
*Breakfast (Friday)

Application deadline: July 30, 2016
(send an email to request an application)